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Sample Case Types


Lewis Engineering and Consulting has testified as a qualified expert for various cases during the past 29 years in federal, state and circuit courts.

Below is a sample listing of Industrial/Commercial/Consumer Products and Equipment case types:

•Fuel Tanks - Pressurized and Non-Pressurized
•Water Storage Tanks
•Polymer, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Copper and Prestressed Concrete Water and Sanitary System Pipe
•Fire Sprinkler Systems and Components
•Residential Piping and Plumbing Systems
•Automobile, Truck and Heavy Equipment Components
•Lift Trucks and Man-Lift Components
•Cranes and Crane Cables
•Balcony Railings - Hotels and Condominiums
•Evidence of Tampering and Vandalism
•Food Processing Equipment, Piping and Storage Tanks
•Condenser Water Systems and Piping in Building HVAC Systems
•Fire Damage to Equipment and Building Structures
•Material Codes and Standards Compliance
•Corrosion Damage Contributing to Peoperty Loss and Component Failure in Equipment and Building Structures
•Farm and Agricultural Equipment
•Ladders - A-Frame, Extension and Mobile Platforms
•Chairs - Fixed, Rolling and Handicap Types
•Hand and Power Tools and Accessories
•Medical Devices